LIAFS Programs

1. Residential Services Division

2. Professional Training\Staff Development

Steffani Uribe
Human Resource Manager

Our Residential Services Division provides on-site care for youth in need of short and long term care. Our child care staff provide 24 hour supervision of our youth, assisting in areas such as daily living. In this division, youth are offered a multitude of services so they can either return to their families or maintain self-sufficiency in the community.

LIAFS promotes and requires on-going training for all staff. To this end, staff is offered a multitude of opportunities to enhance their professional development. Training is offered both on-site and in the social services community as well.

3. Social Work Division

Christine Longo, Supervisor

4- Family Service Division

Family Services Division: With an emphasis on keeping siblings together when they must be removed from their home, our Family Services Division and “Family First” Program” offers specialized, intensified services to sibling groups that are placed in our Port Jefferson residence. This program assures that the trauma associated with being removed from the home/family environment is lessened by keeping siblings together and offering a sense of security and familiarity. Our Sibling Specialists staff this program 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week. Our Social Work and Mental Health Departments offer both individualized, group and family counseling to all of our siblings and families. Our primary permanency goal is always family reunification where possible.

5. Admissions/Quality Assurance/Compliance

Regina Ely, LMSW
Director of Social Work

Our Social Work Division is youth centered and family focused. In unison with youth, family members and county and state entities our Social Work Division develops permanency plans for youth. The permanency plan is a life plan that addresses areas in our youth’s life that are given special attention such as: education, independent living skills, mental health and employability. Our Social Work Department is the “hub” of our Services Division and works side by side with our other divisions to assure quality planning.

The LIAFS Admissions Department accepts referrals for placement for all of our residences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All referrals must come from county and or state entities.

Maintaining quality services involves adhering to all county, state and federal standards. To this end, our Quality Assurance Program maintains all program standards through on-going program evaluation.

6. Mental Health Division

Darren Gerson, Ph.D.

Our Mental Health Division provides on-going formalized psychiatric and psychological evaluations for our youth. Our evaluations are used as a mechanism to develop appropriate mental health planning and treatment. In addition, all youth are involved in both individual and group counseling. Our Substance Abuse Prevention program is offered to all youth in our residences as well.

7. Independent Living Skills/Education Division

A core component of our work with youth is assisting them in the development of skills they will need as they enter into young adulthood. Our Independent Living Skills Program works directly with youth to develop skills in areas such as: education, employment, money management, relationship building and healthy life choices. Our Educational Coordinator plays an active role in working with youth, local schools, colleges and vocational institutions in developing and managing youth education goals.